Global Shapers Alley Activation Project

As of March 2018, The Portland Global Shapers will be housing the Alley Activation Project, an initiative dedicated to revitalizing public spaces in partnership with communities, city officials and local organizations. We're incredibly excited to continue the hard work of our friends at the AAP, and look forward to sharing an update on project developments this summer! In the meantime if you're interested in connecting send us an email at (yup it's .co not .com) with the subject box 'Alley Activation' and for guidelines on collaborating with us OR creating your own alley project check out these resources:


Click here for a collection of links to completed and ongoing alley projects across the United States.

Programs & Strategies

For help with planning and programming (including toolkits) for alley development and activation click here



A helpful list of reports from city planning offices, the EPA and local organizations on alley projects