Episode 2: Drone Life with Ben Berry

Ben Berry and AIRSHIP V2 VTOL UAV (1).jpg

Aaaand we're back with a second helping of Shaping Portland! In this episode we introduce a new Shaper, Ian Leslie and interview Ben Berry, and influential and successful member of the Portland business community. Ben currently serves as the EVP and CIO of the Bonneville Power Administration  as well as the CEO and Chief Digital Officer for the AirShip Endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) VTOL program at AirShip Technologies (think: DRONES)! In addition to all of that (yes, there's more!), he sits on the board for many amazing Portland organizations including Central City Concern and the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Interested yet? Well, here's an episode rundown for reference:
1:55 Enter Ben Berry
2:00 Ben’s story
5:00 Airship Technolgies
12:48 Drone racing (the next big sport)
14:40 Drone models
16:40  Drone’s impact on other industries
20:30 Opportunities for young people in the drone industry
21:40 Career advice for young people (find your passion and run through doors)
25:30 iUrban teen technology + being a successful african american in Portland
27:15 Importance of role models
28:35 Why Ben chose to live in Portland and how he “zig zagged” is career
33:50 Importance of outreach for more diversity in business
35:40 Volunteerism in Ben’s life
38:59 Ben’s prized possession 

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