Episode 1: Welcome!

Welcome to our second episode of Shaping Portland! In this episode Charlie, Ziad, Val and Farah get together to talk about who we are and why we decided to start Shaping Portland. It's our first go at podcasting, so don't mind the awkwardness :)

If you're interested in learning more about us and the organization we belong to, find us on the below links to learn more:
Global Shapers
Portland Global Shapers

Have something on your mind you want to hear us talk about? Send us a note here and we would be happy to talk!

Loving our intro music? Us too!

Our music is bu LuvJonez, an instrumental hip hop producer here in PDX. The bulk of his time is spent licensing music and beats for podcasts and film projects, but he also continues to work with MC’s and singers from around the world. His albums of beats and collaborations are all available on streaming services and for purchase on his website. Originally from Kentucky, he has traveled the globe and called many places home, including DC, New York and Wisconsin and ofcourse, now, Portland!

Check him out on social media here: