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Global Shapers is a unique initiative of the World Economic Forum that was created to allow young change-makers united by a common desire to shape the future and build a more peaceful and inclusive world starting with the communities they reside in. The Global Shapers Community, created in 2011, is made up of a global network of Hubs developed and led by youth in their 20s who are exceptional in their potential, achievements and drive to make a contribution to local communities. 

Here in Portland (Oregon) we're collaborating with community leaders, institutions, and businesses to address challenges facing our rapidly developing city. To learn more about our projects drop us a line at 


Our Hub

curator: ian leslie

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vice curator: caitlin doughty

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outreach: charlie campbell

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projects: monica terveer

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General FAQ

What is Global Shapers?

The Global Shapers Community is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, achievements and drive to make a contribution to local communities.

Translation: Little ambiguous yeah? There’s a reason for this. Each hub is uniquely defined by its city and Shapers (members), so while we’re united by the common goal to serve our cities and communities ultimately that translates differently depending on where and who we are. Keep reading and we’ll get to some examples.

I’m still a little confused, what exactly do Global Shapers do

Like we said, every hub defines their priorities and actions differently.

Here in Portland we’re relatively new. The hub was established in 2015 and since then we’ve focused our efforts on the nuts and bolts of our organization; i.e. best org practices, membership and establishing partnerships with community representatives, institutions and businesses.

The first two years were spent building the hub and lending capacity support to existing projects in the Portland area. Examples of these partners include the Rose Haven Women’s Shelter, the Portland Boy’s and Girl’s Club, the Rebuilding Center, and Mercy Corps Northwest.

Going forward we’ll be pursuing a mixed portfolio of supporting our partners through skills-based volunteering and creating projects of our own. If you’re curious to hear more about our work drop us a line at at

I'm interested in joining the hub, where do I start?

First check if you meet the World Economic Forum Requirements to be a Shaper and consider whether you can meet the time committment. To join Shapers must be under the age of 30 (at the time of their application) and able to serve up to a five year term. Once you've fulfilled your term you can still be involved in the hub as an alum, or join our friends at YGL.

How long does the application process take?

On average our application process takes several weeks, this is primarily because during recruitment season we wait until we’re at capacity for applications to start vetting candidates. We review applications as a hub and if you’re selected to move forward we’ll contact you to set up an IRL chat. A complete breakdown of our process can be found here.

What’s the time commitment of joining the hub?

If you don’t have at least 10-15 hours a month to devote to meetings and volunteering, this probably isn’t the right opportunity for you. Keep in mind that while there is some flexibility (things happen), we maintain strict accountability standards for attending meetings and project participation.

Do I have to bring a project to the hub or can I join an existing one?

While you do not have to bring a project to the hub to join previous experience working with or managing projects is strongly preferred. If you do have a personal project you’re currently managing we’d love to hear about it. Per hub rules when Shapers join the hub they are required to play a support role for the first three months, after the probationary period in order to start your own project you would need buy in or support from at least 2 other hub members.

What type of people can I expect to work with in the PDX hub?

People who ride their bikes everywhere 😉

Are there opportunities to network outside of PDX?

Definitely! One of the best parts about Shapers is that we’re everywhere. Our domestic and international network is incredibly active and everyone is very enthusiastic about hosting travelers and showing them around. You’ll be expected to do the same for Shapers visiting Portland.

Moreover the hub also has access to domestic and international events and conferences both designed specifically for Shapers or themes related to their work. We can talk about those opportunities IRL tho.

Still stumped? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿 + ❤️,

The Portland (OR) Hub


Ultimately this is a formality, but an important one. It helps us get a sense for whether you’d be a good fit for the hub and decide whether to push ahead with IRL meetings. So while you don’t need to lose sleep over how perfect or not your answers are, to some extent, they matter.


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